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The idBlocks system has a wide range of label applicator modules to meet the most demanding market needs.

The design of the applicator system makes it possible to place labels in any position, at different distances and adapted to the surface of the product. idBlocks labelling equipment can be fitted with a range of standard accessories including low consumables alert, IP Protection screen, scanners etc enabling them to be easily integrated within production lines and in different environments.

pallet labelling machine

Serie 10

Labelling of pallets

Palet: Pneumatic (1 or 2 stops) and servo-lineal. Pallets  applicator for 1, 2 or 3 sides: frontal, side & back.
Several cylinders (Pneumatic or Electric) to reach both faces of the pallet.
Application when the pallet is stopped.
Stroke length: 800 & 1000mm.
Label: 148mm x 210m.
PAD adapts to irregular surface.
PAD with 180º turn for frontal & backsides.
Productivity at 2 sides:
Pneumatic – 6011: 120 pallets/hour
Servo Electric – 6010: 200 pallet/hour
For 2 sides labeling: 1 pallet stop.
For 3 sides: 2 pallet stops.
Available only in 6’’.
Cabinet & Barcode scanner on PAD.
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Serie 20

Linear – Tamp Blow

Application on top, bottom or side.
Label & pad dimensions: From 30×30 mm to 160x210mm
Productivity: 30 labels/minute.
Cylinder stroke:
4’’: 210 or 360mm.
6’’: 600 or 800mm.
Auto detection of product distance: sensitive pad.
4’’ & 6’’.
Application with the product stopped or in movement.
High power blowing system to ensure a good label application.
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Frontal – Tamp Blow


Application: frontal or back sides.
Stroke length: 210 or 360mm
Label dimensions: From 30×30 mm- to 160x210mm
Productivity: 16 labels/minute.
Same characteristics than Tamp Blow.
4’’ & 6’’


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Corner wipe (Fan Belts)

Application on movement on top, bottom, side & Back corner (pusher).
Label dimensions: Min. 50x50m – Max. 110x400mm or 160x300mm
Pad Length = 370mm.
Same machine for different label dimensions.
Productivity: 20 labels/min (for label 100×300 mm).
Pusher for corner application.
Fans to maintain the label onto the pad
High production: Prints next label while is applying.

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Frontal – Tamp Blow

Label Applied label position: side, top or bottom
High power blowing system: cavity
Blowing distance : from 20 to 60mm
Label dimensions: Min. 30x30mm – Max 80x80mm
High productivity rates: 120 label/min and higher:
For 40x40mm  150 labels/min
No contact with product.
Optional: cylinder to reduce distance with the product.
Only available for 4’’.
Application over curvy surfaces.

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